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How long can you survive while an endless horde of enemy tanks comes to destroy you? Be sure to have shields, bullets, skills and powerful defenses to wipe out your enemies! Prepare for the worst, accept whatever comes.

Tank Simulator is an action and strategy game. You control a tank and your goal is to unlock all the bases and survive as many rounds as you can while a horde of enemy tanks comes to end your game.

Some textures and sound effects were not created by me, the original creators are in the credits of the game, all credit is given to them, not to me.

If you see your work here and it doesn't have any credits, please contact me immediately.

Bugs, typos or any other problem with the game, let me know!

The full version of the game is still in development, here is the progress so far:

All 4 bases: 72%

Defenses: 61%

Enemies: 64%

The hacker: 95%

WRAH Sacul’s Store: 87%

Oweby’s Upgrades: 98%

Kiby Eri: 0%

Tutorial: 0%

Others: 0%


Minimum requirements to play:

  • Windows 7;
  • +500 MB of disk space;
  • 2 GB of RAM;


  • Windows 10;
  • +900 MB of disk space;
  • 3 GB of RAM;

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